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Fine cuisine, quality wine, kind service, fun in a cozy atmosphere - all this is a guarantee for countless smiles, unforgettable moments and pleasant emotions!

The hotel has a restaurant with 70 seats. Part of the restaurant can be enclosed with a massive wooden wall and creates conditions for seclusion of a company, as well as for a hall for seminars and conversations.

Suitable for family celebrations and celebrations.

The decoration of the restaurant according to the seasons and our traditional and national holidays makes it always different and very pleasant for your company.

The menu includes delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly food as well as traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

За ценителите на вина, предлагаме богата, специално селектирана винена листа.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price per night.

Dining suggestions are presented by selecting a meal - served on a "block table". This option allows for different individual combinations of different tastes. Variety of always fresh salads and appetizers, meat prepared on the spot according to tried recipes, daily presence of the almost obligatory traditional Bulgarian grill, favorite of the kids. There is also a daily menu, suitable for hotel guests, choosing vegetarianism as a way of eating.

Our main goal is to prepare fresh vegetables and meats. We do not use deep-frozen meats. We buy fresh milk from a local manufacturer and prepare our own yoghurt as well as all the desserts from it.

Various types of desserts, satisfying and the most capricious taste. Wide assortment of light and delicious creams, cakes and pastries, yogurt garnished with blueberries and raspberries or honey and walnuts, ice cream. All pastries are prepared according to special recipes - a little secret of the chef!

In the days when guests are less than 10, breakfast is available on the menu.

In the days when the guests of the hotel (at the standard rates published on the hotel's website) are less than 20 dinnerings served on a three-course menu / salad, mainly a dish with a side dish, bread and dessert.

Consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is not included in the price.

The pleasant moments during various festive evenings are guaranteed by highly qualified, polite and smiling staff, uncompromising quality and variety of food, a music program run by a professional DJ.

For special occasions, the menu can be fully tailored to your requirements, and an individual dinner for a group of people can be prepared through a pre-selection.

The restaurant is not designed to be used with baby carriages. For babies we provide baby bins, and for older children children's chairs.



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