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The National Exhibition of Art Crafts and Arts - Oreshak is the only one in the country, in whose exhibition halls are displayed unique objects of folk artistic craftsmanship, made by prominent masters from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. The entire exhibition complex is located in a wonderful park of 50 acres. The exhibition has nine exhibition halls with a total exhibition area of 4200 sq.m.


Work time

The national exhibition is open all year round.

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 17.30
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00
During the traditional holidays - organized Open Days.


Adults - 4.00 BGN
Students and groups - 2.00 BGN
Children up to 7 years old and disabled - free of charge
Price of a talk - BGN 10.00

Troyan Monastery

"The Assumption"

10 km to the southeast of the town of Troyan and 27 km away from the hotel Feia in the northern skirts of the Troyan Balkan is the largest monastery in the Balkan Mountains - the Troyan monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. It is situated at 400 meters above sea level under the picturesque wooded hillside of "Chukarka" amid wildlife.

The oldest icon is preserved in the main church of the monastery, the sacred icon of the monastery "Presvaria Bogoroditsa Troeruchitsa" - miraculous.

On January 20, 1872, Vasil Levski organized here a secret revolutionary monastic committee led by Abbot Macarius. Upon the outbreak of the April uprising, the commanding station of Voivodes Panayot Volov, Georgi Ikonomov and Toma Hitrov was revealed in the monastery. Even today, the cell in which the revolutionary affairs were discussed was preserved in its authentic form.

On August 15 each year is the feast of the monastery. On that date, the icon is exported from the Monastery. This is one of the three miraculous icons that many Bulgarians worship.

Museum of Crafts

The Museum of Folk Arts Crafts and Applied Arts in Troyan is the first in the country to show in detail the folk art crafts and as a toolbox, as forms, functions and decorative systems in the main artisanal branches: ceramics, woodworking and metalworking, folk textiles

The exhibits show both the handicrafts and the tools, the various shapes and the functional purpose of the articles and the various decoration techniques. The first steps of the ceramic school in the city and the formation of modern Troyan pox are followed. Attention attracts bizarre pitchers with extraordinary names: Dinkenka, Hornet, Bride and Sheitanka. Stones that the Trojan masters demonstrate their skills and aesthetic flair.

In the museum, children can visit specially developed educational programs. In their realization they learn interesting facts from everyday museum work. They are given the opportunity to produce a scientific passport on an exhibit, a catalog card, and look at inventory books.

The student audience is also the screenings of the films created by the museum, as well as the presentations for outstanding personalities from Troyan.


for students - 2.00 BGN

for adults - 4.00 BGN.

Museum of Natural History

The Cherni Osam Nature Conservation Information Center is located in the Natural History Museum in the village of Cherni Osam and functions in cooperation with it.

30 km. from Hotel Feya in the village of Cherni Osam you can visit the Natural History Museum. It presents the fauna of the Middle Balkan Mountains, and in the center the flora of the Central Balkan National Park. The center has a rich library, a children's playground suitable for educational events with the youngest children, a video library with films revealing the natural resources of Bulgaria.

The spirit of Central Stara Planina was captured in the three halls of the museum. There are more than 700 stuffed animals inhabiting forests and mountain peaks and rivers. The attraction room is the most entertaining. In it are collected various mammals and birds, predators and grazing like deer, deer, boars, bears, wolves, foxes, eagles and others. When visitors walk past the exhibits, they can hear the sounds and the song of every mammal, reptile, and bird.

The colorful insect collection stacked in the second hall is also very interesting and valuable from a scientific point of view. Representatives of poisonous and non-indigenous snakes, such as vipers, whiskers and tusks, are exposed in the same room. About 120 species of raptors, songbirds and waterfowl flying on the Central Balkan & rdquo; also attract visitors with their beautiful plumage and pride

On the second floor there are diorama showcases with large photographs behind the exposed animals depicting their environment. Here are shown a family of deer, noble reindeer, deer-deer, bears, boars, wolves, jackals, wild cats, pores and many others. The museum is extremely valuable because it can only be seen in an hour and explore animals that we may never encounter in their natural surroundings. It is enough to spend a little time at the Natural History Museum, watching the stuffed animals and listening to their recorded voices to realize how valuable and important the wild nature is. The animals are very nice and even look like big plush toys, but from their stands they gaze at us with their glass eyes and send us a silent message. And it says we have to keep our living relatives and take care of nature because we are part of it.



for students - 1.00 BGN

for adults - 2.00 BGN.

for groups of over 20 people - discount

Ecopath "On the Edelweiss Road"

Immediately at the end of village Chiflik passes the eco path "On the way to Edelweiss", which leads to the Central Balkan Reserve. This hiking route is from 870 to 1600 meters above sea level. The route Chiflik - hut Haidushka pesen is a car. Usually the itinerary is walking on an asphalt road to the hut for about 1 - 1.30 hours / 7km /. Then the eco path continues through the forest. This part of the route is steep and difficult, requires special equipment. The whole transition is between 3 and 4 hours. On the way, over 40 species of rare and protected plants can be found, to hear the voices of 60 bird species inhabiting this end. "Haidushka pesen" chalet is a starting point for the "Kozya stena" reserve and the chalets "Kozya stena", "Vasiliov" and "Echo". The surroundings of the hut offer opportunities for interesting outings. There is the place where Todor Kableshkov was captured. Nearby is the grave of Kableshkov's murdered comrades - Georgi Turnev and Stefan Pochekov. Near the village of Chiflik left their bones and two Botevs chetniks - Nikola Voynovski and Stoyan Bulgarcheto. Under the thick shadows of the trees along the river, wooden benches and benches invite you to take a short break and back up with a delicious meal. We offer a backpack for rent with our meals and drinks.

The food package includes: 2 pcs. sandwiches / ham and cheese / 2 vodka, 1 chocolate / or 2 apples /. All this is for two and can be ordered at the reception for BGN 11.00.

Squirrel Park "Squirrel"

The attractive cableway is located 200 meters south of the center of Beklemeto resort and 23 km. from the village of Chiflik. The complex is located at the Troyan - Karnare Pass at 1,300 meters above sea level in the immediate vicinity of the Central Balkan National Park. Squirrel Fencing Squirrel is a system of rope ladders, ropes, mountain trolleys and wooden beams built among oak forest.

The park is suitable for individual and group visitors, families and friendly companies.


for adults: 9.00 BGN.

for children up to 16 years: 7.00 BGN.

for groups over 10 people - discount


Pottery - Ceramics is a miracle crucified by clay. An ancient craft whose roots lie in the past. Pottery is a craft of artistic achievements. A characteristic feature is the potter's wheel, unchanged from antiquity to the present day. After draining the mold, storage, baking and decoration follows. There are also different decoration methods and styles - engraving, color design and application.
Just a few miles from the Fairy Hotel, you can watch pottery art and also make your own masterpiece.



- Figurine and firing - 5 BGN

- coloring of figure - 5 BGN

Transit with bicycles

Mountain bikes for rent.

Bike rental fee - 10 BGN for half a day and 15 BGN rent for a full day.

Possible transition - Chiflik village - Haydushka pesen hut - between 1 and 2 hours.

, +359 878 525 680, reservations@fairyhotel.com