Terms and conditions

General terms:
Dear guests, please read carefully the general terms and conditions of accommodation at Park Hotel Fairy.
When booking, a rental agreement is automatically concluded between the hotel and the client / representative of the group making the reservation. Each booking is deemed to have been thoroughly detailed with the terms of use. The rental agreement takes effect after the hotel has confirmed the reservation by telephone or by return e-mail.

Dear guests, after making a reservation, you must make a deposit payment of 50% of the booked nights, within 3 working days of the date of confirmation, to the bank account of the company, the owner of Park Hotel Feya. If the deposit payment is not made and received within 3 business days from the date of booking confirmation, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
Up to 2 days prior to check-in, guests must pay the remaining 50% of the booked night's rate. If the payment is not made, the reservation may be canceled and the rental agreement terminated without prior notice.

Additional costs:
Any additional costs not included in the package are charged by guests with the appropriate requirements. The costs of replacing or repairing any loss or damage to the property of Park Hotel Fey, its furnishing and the courtyard caused during the stay are at the expense of the guests. The value of the security depends on the damage suffered and is paid in cash immediately at a reception at market prices.
Damage or loss:
It is the duty of the guests to refer to the property of Park Hotel Feia with the care of a good owner. The manager or his representative may require guests to release the hotel immediately in the event of excessive or unacceptable loss or damage at any time during the rental period without the right to compensation or refund of the amount paid. Damages or losses incurred during the rental period are paid by the guests at market price.
Hotel use, standards of behavior and care:
Guests take full responsibility in cases of public order violation and a signal to law enforcement. The imposed sanctions, fines, acts, fiches and other penalties by the law enforcement agencies in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation shall be borne by the guests.
Smoking in the Park Hotel Fair is forbidden unless it is in the designated locations.

Guests are required to be extremely cautious and circumspect throughout their stay at Park Hotel Fairy, especially residents with children. In the interest of safety, appropriate control around the paths, the stairwells and the use of all facilities on the hotel's premises should be provided. Surveillance of children must be continuous, so as not to interfere with the public order and the peace of the rest of the children without children.
Rooms are not designed to be used with baby carriages. We provide baby bins in the baby restaurant, and for older children - baby food chairs. There are baby cots in the baby rooms.

Values and Security:
Guests are responsible for all property and property owned, imported and used by them in the Park Hotel Phea. In case of loss or damage to the property owned by the guests - the owner and his / her representative do not assume any responsibility.
Dear guests, our only desire is to provide you with a pleasant stay. If problems arise during the rental period, you should immediately notify a receptionist. It is important for guests to report any problems while they are in place so that their complaint can be met. If no complaints are received during the rental period, we assume that guests are satisfied with their stay.
When making a reservation, guests agree that they have read these terms, understood and accepted them without exception and can not be challenged.
Thank you for your attention!